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2/ 21st Bn. B Company. Photo taken before embarkation.
Front Row, L-R. R Kennedy, Whitborn,Rogers,G Austin, "Cactus" O'Neil,Barclay, E.C. Macklan, V Macklan,J.E. Robertson,?, R Williams, E.W. Hogan, C Morrison, G Kissick, A.H. Russell, R McDonald, E Walker, L Blight, E Shepherd,N Comden, B Richmond, H Adams.
2nd Row, L-R. ?, Blackman, Morris, J Drummy, Davis,?, G Berry, H Flemming, Lewis, Weeks, E.W Docking, K Lupsom, S/M McMillan, K Mellor,G Armstrong, M.W Newberry, I McBride, J Whittaker, G Hastie, H.T Lewis, P.R O'Donnell, R Begone, H Robilliard, K Gilder
J Morrow, N McCoomb, M Whiteman.
3rd Row, L-R. F Greenham, F Power,?, E Kendall, V.A Ellis, Oglevie,?, F Gurry, Carter, J Wiseman, R.A O'Loughlan, E.R.A Tait, ?, A Moore, G Barnes, R.Y Waddle, I Russell, L.W Hocking, Sheehan, R.C McKenzie, J Morgan, Weildon, McKie, ?, G.C Maetize,
L Brown, "Big" McFarlane, D Murray, J Hazlewood, D Gee, G Treziise, R McGann, J Graham, E Stagg, D Glegg, B Cooke.
Back Row, L-R. A Davidson, L Harvey, A Beatie, "Ossie" Warburton, R O'Keefe, D.V Noonan, Weildon, T.L Ryding, S J Riddock, H Sedgewick, G McMahon, R Everett, McAulliff, Young, A Russell, E Boyle, "Darkie" Richardson, B Sumner, C Wright, R Brassey, L Dalton, N Stewart, S.A Jackson
W Blake, R.A Mendola, A.C Burn, R Morton, J Lee, N Scott, F Gray, B Noonan, B Ripper, S Piggin, M.J Gilbert, B Mewell, D Gilder.


2/ 21st Bn. D Company. Photo taken before embarkation.

A Coy Photo taken before embarkation.

Group portrait of A Company, 2/21st Battalion.P(Photo in two parts) Left to right: front row: Chafer, Hartley, Bailey, Fisher, Breen, Marsh, Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Billings, Smith, Knuckey, McKenzie, Wilson, Dallagh, Jones, Redwood, Turnbull, Rutley, Minetti, Gravener and Corporal Borr (?). Second row: Winter, Brander, M.F. Osborne, V.F.H. Hubbard, Gladigou, Alison, Davies, Blair, Edney, Tuddenham, B. Tucker, Sergeant (Sgt) Stanbridge, Captain (Capt) Wesley, Lieutenant (Lt) Thomas, Sgt Stayte, Beachley, Hallowell, A. Osborne, Thatcher, Watson, unidentified, Ericson, Hadlow, Tucker, McGregor, C.R. O'Bryan and Bradley. Third row: Walker, R.R. Hubbard, Hutchins, L Cpl Kirwan, Mason, J.M. Francis, Corson (?), Leslie, Dunbar, Arnold, Inkster, Balcombe, Corporal Leary, Beckwirth, Barclay, Blanks, Conway, Bolwell, Rigney, Orange, Taylor, Dihood, Mitchell, Donchi, Howard, Flintoff, Hill, Capon, Lewin, L Cpl Eouid (?), Sgt Jacobs. Fourth row: Sgt Seabrooke, Privates King, Jorgenson, O'Halloran, Simmons, Amesbury, Kofoid, Daff, L Cpl Guest, Cooke, Ordish, Stratton, three cooks named Keel, Tullett and Brown, Privates Turner, Dahlberg, Uren, Ansett, Moran, Fry, Penny, Phillips, Lock, Loch, Perrin, Snodgrass, Argus, Gee, Corp Boyce.

HQ Coy (one section) 1940 W. Williams 4th from right middle row.


A Troop 2/21Bn. Taken at Trawool 1940

B Troop 2/21Bn. Taken at Trawool 1940






Collage constructed by Paul Liversidge from photos of Gull Force taken on Ambon and Hainan Island.


      Lt. Col L.N. Roach                                                                           Officers of 2/21st Bn. Darwin Oct 1941.

                                                                             Back Row; Pullen, Green, McDowell, Gabriel, McBride, Jaffrey, Russell, McCutcheon, Chaplin, Chapman, Van Nooten, Sutcliffe, Miskin.

                                                            Centre Row: Padre Cochrane, Jinkins, Crozier, Padre Patmore, Whittakers, Major, Loughman,Turner, Watchorn, Davis, Best, Grouse, Mellor, Godfrey.

                                                                            Sitting; Aitkin, Newham, Westley, Hooke, Roach, MacCrae, Newbury, Sandy, Perry.

Photo taken by M.J.(Eddie) Gilbert. Shortly before the Japanese attack near the village of Eri. Shows the mortar detachment of B Coy.

Cpl. A (Aussie) Carr. VX30281, Pte. J.Robertson VX26780, Pte. A (Alf) Mason VX26745, Pte. M.J.("Eddie") Gilbert VX31080,

Pte. R.R. (Ray) Williams VX27427 (at front)


As above except Pte. G. Trezise VX31221 replaces Eddie Gilbert. Photos taken with 3 boys from the local village.

George Trezise. B Coy 2/21tt Battalion

  D Coy 2/21st Bn - Photo by Cpl Charlie Noar

Back row: Joe O'Connor, Frank Cross, Jack Panaotie, Bill Page, Eric Jay

Front Row:Aub Ball, Jimmy Harmes, Mick Leslie, Darkie Ashton.

Pte.George Gambling VX19938 C Coy. George is pictured centre row, 3rd from the right, Bill Cook last on right. Walter Hicks front row second from left.

George Gambling was killed 15th January 1942

Cemetery Plains 1941 Pt Spurgeon, Pt Kirkman, Sgt Valli and Cpl Brown


Boxing practice

F Redhead circa 1941

     Weight training - Army style            

More boxing practice


Boxing Champs AMF Darwin 1941 L-R Peter (Irish) O'Donohue - Welterweight. Frank Redhead - Heavyweight. Eric Erickson - Flighweight.

L-R George Anset, Peter O'Donohue, Walter Hicks, George (Jitta) Roy.

      First aid ?

More boxing practice.


S Vaughan and G Morris                                                                                                 Wilfred Williams                                                                        Wilfred Williams (left) Ormond Williams (right)


Camp site at Trawool

Camp site


Bernard McLeavey                                                                  B McLeavy, bottom row 3rd from left.


              B McLeavy, 5th from left.


L-R Curly ?, Robert Booth, Ray Boak. 1940  (Ray and Curly died Ambon)             L-R Curly ?, Robert Booth, Ray Boak, ? . 1940                             L-R Curly ?, Robert Booth, Lesley Booth, Robert Booth, Annie Mary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Booth (Dunn) Hilda Bell (Dunn), Ray Boak.


Private John Duddy, killed on Ambon 15/2/1942            John Duddy before embarkation.


Men march through Albury, front, Dick Best                                Officers of C Company: L-R Davis, ? , Miskin, Perry, ? .        Cpl. James McMillan McLennan

   Two relax

Group Photo


J Searant in group photo                          


                                                                                              Jack Searant climbing       Jack outside tent at Rutherford


William (Billy) Boulton center.                                                   Billy Boulton, 3rd from left.                                                   Billy Boulton


Billy Boulton, facing camera.


Brian A E Haley in Darwin                                B A E Haley                                          B A E Haley


J R. O'Keefe (center)                                                                                                                  Vince Brewer                                       Thomas Betts


Men at the camp

          Help him up mate.

Taking in the view

Platoon Group

Chester Verey, Monty Taylor, Richard Meyer, C. Nye, Adam Davidson, Jock McLoud, Fatty.

Eric Kendall, second from left, with mates on the train to Darwin.

   Two soldiers on the journey

Train Journey to Alice Springs

         At Trawool. H Williams bottom right  

The old Afgan camel driver once won Stawell Gift

         Army requires men shave every day

E W Hogan

    March to Darwin

Taking in water on the journey.

    On the road to Darwin

Truck bogged on the road to Darwin


Francis Jordan                                           Frank Jordan (centre)                                      Frank Jordan (left hand side)


Frank Jordan (front right)                                                                    D V Noonan                                                     Syd Riddock 1940                          


F F Beel                                                                           William Ripper                                                          Norman Womersley

  Cpl Robert G Barnes Died on Ambon 20/02/1942  


James (Jim) Adams. Died on board the rescue ship Gerusalemme when it was docked at Victoria harbour. Aged 26.   


       William Boyce (died 24/7/1945)                                                     Victor Brown (died 21/5/1945)


Raymond Hector Harrison                                                      Raymond Hector Harrison                     Frederick Schaefer 1941

           3 mates in 1941

Crossing the causway on the road to Darwin

   Group photo 

Geoff Wairng crossing the causeway


  The "Baldies" after a close haircut  

L-R Geoff Waring, Perc, Flash and Pando.

Trench - Darwin 1941

Dig, dig, dig - the hard way and an easier way.

A.(Nugget) Hawkins (Centre) with 2 mates.

Eddie Gilbert, Arthur Clarke (Died. 20/7/43) Eric Stagg (Died 16/7/45) Jack Morrow (Died 18/2/45)

10 platoon. Darwin.Back Row -Bill Newell, Jack Morrow, "R.B" Watson, Eddie Gilbert

Front Row - Dave Gee, Les Brown (Brownie), Dave Gilder.

Resting in trench H Williams 1st left

Trench. Harry Williams 4th from left


Stan Hawksworth on running board                                                          Collecting coconuts


Larrakeyah Barracks Darwin


Stan Hawksworth on running board    Driver Albert Quinlan.                                             Stan Hawksworth on bumper.


Stan and Eddie with 2 others                                                                                                                          Les William


Recreation                                                                                                                                                                                                              Football Team.


Group cooling off in Darwin                                                                                                                                                                                                          Stan Hawksworth


?, Stan Hawksworth, Eddie Hinch


Stan Hawksworth, Eddie Hinch, ?.                                                               Stan Hawksworth, Eddie Hinch.

The mess tent at Darwin

E R Smith's bed - Darwin

Group (possibly B Coy) at Darwin Group with fish at Darwin


Meal time

Tea Break

5 Mates

Barklay J White

3 Men relax


Harold Goodwin

Colin Goodwin, Harold Goodwin, Syd P, Charlie Goodwin and Syd Wills. Darwin 41

  Colin Goodwin       Eric Kelly    Eric Kelly in Darwin  

Charlie Goodwin

Raymond Haworth    

William James Chung

              Francis Edward Power. Alfred Clerke.

           Henry J Legg. Frank Greig 25yrs.


F. Greig 2nd from left, front rank guards.                            Frederick Heintz


D W Watkins. 2/12 Field Ambulance.                    H W Benbow.



Outside a Dawrwin hospital H Williams in foreground

Winnelle Theatre showing bush forms (seats)

Known as a +5 Tent

The Camp's stage at Darwin

More equipment training

Equipment training


More Gun training

     Picnic at Lee Point, Darwin

Feeding the troops

           One way to get coconuts  

Snake handling, Darwin 1941


W.C. (Billy) Arrowsmith before embarkation                                           W. C. Arrowsmith


Chick, Jack and Bill Arrowsmith                                                                                  W.C. Arrowsmith


W.C. Arrowsmith                                                                                              W.C. Arrowsmith

W.C. Arrowsmith (middle row, second soldier back with no hat on)

     C Coy group photo

Frill neck lizards, Darwin 1941


Sgt Robert Norton Tibias (left)                                                                                                       Sgt. R Tobias (left) with Cpl Harold John (Bluey) Stevens (died Ambon 22/4/1944)

Group of Gull Force men with local children

What happened to the band? Valli - Executed at Laha,Skeggs - returned Aus, Lamb - Executed at Laha, Hynes - Killed by Chinese
ambush on Hainan, Hawkins - Died after capture by Chinese bandits on Hainan, Murnana - returned Aus, Fyfe - Died P.O.W Hainan,
Guthrie - transfered 2/40 Bn. Killed as P.O.W, Morrison - Died P.O.W Hainan, Bromley and Doll - Executed at Laha,
Haines - Captured by Chinese Missing, Harries and Findlay - returned Aus, Adams - Executed at Laha,
Joy, Cook, Woodward and Martin - returned Aus, Smith - Died P.O.W Hainan, Stranger - Did not leave Aus, Vivash - Executed at Laha,
Hillier, Sinclair and Harrison - returned Aus, Hogan - Executed at Laha, Williams - died P.O.W Ambon, Kissick - returned Aus.


Band marching

2/21st Battalion Band

4 more band members

4 men from 2/21st Battalion Band E R Smith first on the left.

Band marching

2 band members

Ex bandmaster Sgt Stranger

2/21st Bn. Band, Darwin

Band fun at Alice Springs

Dance band, Darwin

Harry Beckwith Group

Group photos taken 1941

E.R. Smith

E.R. Smith

    E R W Smith

Darwin Canteen

Darwin Mess Tent

Barraks for the Permanent Force, Darwin

Outside mess ares - Darwin

               A Coy Men

Lance Daff, Frank Jordon, Norm King and Dave Guest outside tent.

Team Photo

Near C Coy Office - Brian, Bill, Geoff Waring, Vern

       Les Cooke

A Coy Football Team

      Ben Ordish

Ins and Outs. Canteen Darwin. Laurie Benvie dealer.

Ron Kofoed Dave Guest

Peter Newsome, Les Cooke, Roy Borrie and Ben Ordish

Walter Hicks 1941

J. H. Williams (Harry)

Bert Jones Sutcliffe and Anderson

J. A. Talbot


Rex Barclay                                              Rex Barclay, Jack Barclay, Geoffrey Barclay     

                                                            front their parents Wynnefred and Thomas Barclay

Eddie Gilbert and Eric Shepherd (Died 19/6/45) with a navy friend in Darwin.


Alan Flowerday                                                  Alan Flowerday 3rd from right.

U S Plane over Darwin

A whirlwhind in camp

After a footy match

Portrait of Peter Newsome, Les Cooke and Roy Borrie.


Awaiting pick up on the wharf on Ambon September 10th 1045

Latrine duty at Hashio Camp D Noonan & R Fishwick

Photo taken at Hashio Camp, Hainan

Awaiting transfer from Samah hospital.

"Chips" Charles Crouch and Eddie Gilbert Sept 1945 at 2/5th AGH Moratai

Recovering at Moratai with sailor, Alex Hilliard from the Junee are(L-R) Arthur Deakin,Junior Edwards, Chips Crouch,?,?, Eddie Gilbert

Percy Oliver Mills on return to Australia.

2nd from Left Alf Cole, 3rd Barney McLeavy

L-R Alf Cole, Laurie Benvie, Gordon?, Reg ? Ted ?

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Reunion of members circa 1950

Former Able Seaman Charlie Hook, 2/21st Veteran Eddie Gilbert and Former Able Seaman Ken Wood at a reunion 14/09/1985

Ben Amor and Eddie Gilbert at Government House 15/8/2005 for reception to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Japanese surrender.

Tom Pledger and Bob Allen. Anzac Day in Sydney. 2010

Eddie Gilbert (centre) with Gull Force marchers at the Anzac Day March in Melbourne 2012.

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